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Blight of Divinity

A book series inspired by Dungeons and Dragons

Delve into the lore-rich world of Albrene. A dark fantasy world inspired by more than a decade of home-brew Dungeons and Dragons campaigns written by Elias Fenic. With the players' blessing, their characters were adapted into the main characters of Rise of The Witnesses the first of three books in Blight of Divinity 

Join Ayela on her journey through her epic adventures in this dark fantasy, D&D inspired world. Future books in Blight of Divinity will continue to draw from my dark fantasy campaigns. Campaigns where our heroes were forged in the fires of imagination and where darkness lurks around every corner.

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Dungeons And Dragons is a property of Wizards of The Coast. I make no claim to own or have created their content. All the content of my book series, while drawing inspiration from their world and creatures, is original.

What inspired me to write?

My story as a writer, began in highschool, where my imagination was fueled by a love for dragons and fantasy. One day, I spat a loogie on the ground (gross, I know). But the shape it made inspired me to write a story. For the next five hours, I wrote a sci-fi romance story. Though complete garbage, that story taught me I enjoy writing.

I spent the next seven years of my life writing a novel called Awakening and building my dark-fantasy world, Albrene.

In college, I became obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons. My experience as a writer, alongside diligent practice, led me to become an excellent dungeon master.

When my friends urged me to run a campaign in my world, Rise of The Witnesses was born. Blight of Divinity is the prequel trilogy to the novel I was then writing. This epic adventure not only became the best campaign I've ever run, but also served as the catalyst for nearly a decade of sequel and spin-off campaigns all taking place in my fantasy world.

The Dark Fantasy World of Albrene

World Map of Albrene Dark Fantasy Adventure Romance World
I don't believe in exposition.

Blight of Divinity unfolds in a dark fantasy world meticulously crafted over twenty years. With countless documents and pages of material, my world-building journal is extensive.

While my archive is vast, I use minimal exposition in my novels. I prefer to unveil lore organically, allowing readers to discover the depth of the world through character interactions and immersive storytelling. This approach creates a sense of intrigue and leaves much to the reader's interpretation.

Rise of The Witnesses Dark Fantasy Book. Blight of Divinity Book 1 Cover by Miblart

Rise of The Witnesses

Experience a dark and thrilling fantasy romance full of adventure, death, action and corrupting darkness.

Betrayal and tragedy have stolen everything from Ayela. Desperate and alone, she must decide between accepting a deal from the notorious God of Death and Desire, or forging her own path for survival. Yet, with each choice she makes, the future grows more uncertain. As she navigates a world of magic and intrigue, Ayela finds herself drawn to someone she never expected to love. But with her own heart at stake, can she afford to follow her feelings? Will she emerge from the ashes of her past, or be consumed by the shadows that haunt her?

Found Family, Pantheon of Gods, Evil is Sexy, Elemental Magic, Underworld, The Underdog, Deal with The Devil, LGBT,

Abuse, Death, Murder, Gore, Addiction, Abandonment

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Beta Readers Wanted

How to become a beta reader

If you're interested in becoming a beta reader, Message me on the social media.

What is a beta reader?

Just like a video-game beta tester, a beta reader reads and tries out an unpublished book. They give direct feedback to the author, who makes any changes required before publishing the book.


What is dark fantasy

Dark Fantasy is a subgenre in fantasy described as works that incorporate disturbing and frightening themes of fantasy. This story is classified as Dark Fantasy due to the gore depicted here and in future chapters. As well as the concepts of mind control and other themes that I cannot disclose for fear of spoilers.

Why I Write Dark Fantasy

I write in the genre of Adult Dark Fantasy because that is what I most enjoy reading. I enjoy gritty, down-to-earth fantasy that may not always end with a fairy tail ending. I prefer the more realistic expressions of these fantasy worlds. I hope that my writing reflects my love for the genre.

The Books That Inspired Me