Rise of The Witnesses

Blight of Divinity Book 1

A dark and thrilling fantasy romance full of adventure, death, action and corrupting darkness.

Betrayal and tragedy have stolen everything from Ayela. Desperate and alone, she must decide between accepting a deal from the notorious God of Death and Desire, or forging her own path for survival. Yet, with each choice she makes, the future grows more uncertain.

As she navigates a world of magic and intrigue, Ayela finds herself drawn to someone she never expected to love. But with her own heart at stake, can she afford to follow her feelings?

Will she emerge from the ashes of her past, or be consumed by the shadows that haunt her?


Found Family, Pantheon of Gods, Evil is Sexy, Elemental Magic, Underworld, The Underdog, Deal with The Devil, LGBT, Friends to Lovers, Flawed Gods, You Were My Brother


Abuse, Death of A Parent, Gore, Addiction, Abandonment, Death of A Friend, Murder

Book cover for Dank Fantasy Adventure Novel Rise of The Witnesses, book one of the series Blight of Divinity.
"This fantastical story captivates readers with its rich language and masterful storytelling, leaving them fully immersed in its world and emotionally invested in the characters"
"A stunning and heartwarming romance that leaves readers craving for more. The perfect blend of emotions and plot twists that kept me on the edge of my seat."
"This dark fantasy romance is a must-read for fans of the genre. It is a perfect blend of magic, gods, intrigue that will leave you wanting more"

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How Long Until It's Finished?

It's difficult to determine a specific completion date for my fantasy novel at this stage. I have finished the rough drafts and am currently working on the semi-final draft. Afterward, I will conduct beta reading and incorporate feedback from beta readers into the final draft. Once the final draft is complete, I will proceed with three stages of professional editing before publishing the book.

The rough drafts have been in production since 2019. With the final draft now at 4 of 15 chapters.

  • Rough Drafts 1 - 5
  • Semi-Final Draft (4/15 chapters)
  • Beta Readers
  • Final Draft
  • Developmental Edit
  • Line Edit
  • Proofread
  • Formating

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What is a beta reader?

As a beta reader for a novel in the dark fantasy romance genre, you'll be pulled into a realm of magic, mystery, danger, and love. Imagine being among the first to read a work-in-progress and providing feedback that could shape the final product. Not only will you be helping the author to perfect their story, but you'll also have the exclusive opportunity to get a sneak peek at the next must-read novel in the dark fantasy romance genre.

Being a beta reader is not only an opportunity to support authors, but also a great way to improve your own writing skills. By reading other authors' works and providing feedback, you will gain invaluable insights into what it takes to craft a captivating story that blends fantasy and romance. It's a thrilling chance to be a part of the literary world and make a real impact on the stories that will be enjoyed by readers everywhere.

What do you get out of it?

As a beta reader for my upcoming dark fantasy romance novel, you'll gain early access to the story and exclusive access to the novel's rich lore and background information through the insider portal.

You'll be able to dive deeper into the world of the novel, gaining a deeper understanding of the characters and their motivations. Additionally, you'll have the chance to communicate with me directly via a personal Discord channel, providing feedback and shaping the final product.

And, if you stick with the story until the end, you'll be rewarded with a complimentary, signed hardback copy of the novel as a token of appreciation for your valuable contributions. So, if you're excited about this genre and want to be a part of bringing this novel to life, apply to be a beta reader today!

How do you become a beta reader?

First, you need to message me on social media asking to be a beta reader. Then, I will send you a google form to determine if you are in my target audience. If you are, I will invite you to the beta reader discord server where you will be required to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and will be given access to the currently completed chapters as well as the insider portal.

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Writing a book is a costly endeavor, and the editing process alone can run into thousands of dollars. To help cover these expenses, I am offering the opportunity for individuals to become early supporters of my work. By visiting the provided Patreon link, you can support me with a $1 monthly donation and contribute to the release of my book and the improvement of my writing skills.

In return for your support, you'll receive several benefits that I hope you'll find valuable. These benefits include access to exclusive content found in my insider portal as well as behind-the-scenes updates, and even sneak peeks at the book. However, if at any time you feel that these benefits are not worth your while, you are free to cancel your subscription anay time.

Insider Portal

The Insider Portal is a blog where I post regular content including short stories, lore codex entries from my Series Bible, character art (as it becomes available), and updates related to Blight of Divinity. It's a great way to stay up-to-date with the world-building and development of the novel, and gain access to exclusive content that can't be found anywhere else. The blog is a perfect supplement to the Patreon support and a great way to immerse yourself in the world of the novel and the lore behind it.

Supporters and beta readers will recieve a login to the portal which will allow access to the premium content.

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Are you in my target audience?

Do you like Dark Fantasy Romance?

My novel is an adult-themed dark fantasy romance, with a blend of typical fantasy elements such as elves, magic, dragons, and more. But it also delves into darker themes such as graphic violence, depictions of an abusive caretaker, and themes of battling addiction. If these are topics that may be triggering or uncomfortable for you to read about, this book may not be suitable for you.

However, if you enjoy a mature dark fantasy romance with vivid descriptions, dynamic characters, and an engaging, suspenseful, and complex plot, and can tolerate reading these themes, you will be captivated by this story. It offers a unique and compelling blend of fantasy and romance, with a touch of darkness and depth that makes it stand out in the genre.

This is an LGBT Romance Novel

This book includes representation of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. While this may not be your usual preference in literature, I invite you to read with an open mind. The characters' relationships, regardless of their sexual orientations, are depicted with authenticity and depth. I strive to create inclusive and respectful content, that aims to promote understanding and empathy towards diverse identities.

Are you a fan of deep lore?

As an author, I don't believe in overwhelming readers with excessive exposition. Instead, I incorporate pieces of the background and lore into the story in subtle ways. But behind the scenes, I have meticulously crafted a vast world with a rich history spanning several generations, including a pantheon of gods with their own agendas, kings, queens, tyrants, corrupt politicians, puppet masters working from the shadows, and heroes that shape the events of history.

This extensive world-building is stored in my series bible, containing over a thousand pages of content. For now, the lore is left to be discovered in small, subtle chunks hidden within the stories I write. As a beta reader or supporter, you will gain access to short stories that delve deeper into characters and lore that may only be alluded to in the books.

If you're a fan of well-constructed worlds filled with complex lore and background for readers to discover, you'll love my book. The series bible is a treasure trove of information and I can't wait for you to discover it as a beta reader or supporter.

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